Samuel Misrasi (Utah) su FerrariChat:

“Fabios headers are truly works of art. The design and build quality are really great. They’re stainless steel, and are somewhat substantial in size, so as such, they’re relatively heavy – 30 lbs total for both headers and both catless downpipes.

For the install, once the stock exhaust was removed (not super easy), the Klines were very easy. The individual headers are small in size, easy to put into place, all the nuts are easy to reach and tighten, and the fitment was excellent. Lots of room everywhere. Zero issues with heat, or anything even remotely touching the headers. The 6 into 1’s were a much different story. They’re very large, and it was a challenge just getting them into place. Nothing crazy though. You don’t have to remove the engine, as was suggested by someone who had clearly never done it. The passenger header installs from the top, and the driver side installs from the bottom. The studs/nuts were more difficult to reach, and the clearances around the headers themselves are very tight. I had to modify a couple heat shields, and there are several components I wrapped with heat reflective tape/wrap to prevent any heat related issues. There are a few improvements in design that I think could be made to ease these mild issues, and I’ll be bringing these up with Fabio. With everything installed and adjusted, it all fits. No rubbing or touching, or anything that I can see that would cause a rattle.

The sound. The Klines were raw, and loud, and really had a unique aggressive sound, but didn’t wander too far from what a 599 originally sounds like. It’s a deeper tone. It’s very Enzo Ferrari.”

Tres55 (Vancouver) su FerrariChat:

“Fabio’s exhaust is how the cars should have left from the factory. It transformed my 550 and probably saved me from selling it after having got used to the exhaust note of the 355.”

Oliver (Germania) su FerrariLife

“Wow I am thrilled !!!!

The increase of Fiamenghi exhaust manifold without H-pipe to with H-pipe is indescribable. This sound is actually only with a twelve-cylinder F-1 car
to compare.
I recommend to everybody who buys a fiamenghi manifold also to order the H-pipe.

Grazie my Frind You did an excellent job!!!!!”

David (Nebraska) su FerrariLife:

“Fabio, you are very kind and it’s a pleasure doing business with you, my friend. Not to mention, your products are absolutely first-rate.

Here are a couple of video clips of my ’00 550 with your double-H center pipes; one at idle, the other accelerating. Sounds PERFECT to me, hope others think so too.”

David (Alabama) su FerrariChat:

“I have Fabio’s H pipes and mufflers on my 575. Quiet when closed. Music when open. They look like artwork”

FerrariLife - Trasmissione CarFix:

“Hello guys,
I would like to share with you an opportunity that that presented itself me on the beginning of January.

I closed an agreement with the CarFix show (made of Brenton Productions), In exchange of my providing Full exhaust for their Ferrari 575 Project, the CarFix in an episode will install my product during the show and will say my name during the installation.

I included in the providing also the kit for manual bypass opening, because is essential for enjoy of the V12 engine note, with the burble during gas release and the small, but nice, bang during up shift near rev limiter obviously when traffic permit.
They cannot guarantee any specific on-air time with my product but their 575 project consist only in two products, then I’m confident.
This morning I sent the three boxes with the full exhaust in Tampa to the studios, the show will be registered next week.

During this month I was in contact to one of the two guys of the CarFix show, Jared Zimmerman, for the details and for the updates of the manufacturing from my side, it is a very kindly person, it was a good experience to exchange with him somethings and I’m very sorry to cannot go in Tampa for meet him and the other guys of the show.
I’m happy that he was so kindly to put the 575 on the dyno before the installation with the OE exhaust and it will test also after with my full exhaust installed.

The show will premiere on April 28, 2018 on Velocity channel. You will need to check with your local provider for channel number information.”


2016 – FerrariLife: processo di piegatura

2019 – Ferrari 599, John (Texas)

2019 – Ferrari 599, John (Texas)

2019 – Ferrari 599, Yhaman (Istambul)

2019 – Ferrari 599, Yhaman (Istambul)

2019 – Trasmissione CarFix

2019 – Jared Zimmermann collegato a CarFix

2016 – Fabio scarico completo Ferrari 575

2015 – Fabio scarico completo Ferrari 575

2019 – Scarico completo Ferrari 550, NIN (Vancouver)

2018 – Ferrari scarico completo F550, NIN (Vancouver):

2018 – Marmitta Giulia Veloce, Alessandro (Bologna)

2019 – Marmitta Giulia 200HP (USA)

2019 – Modifica marmitte Maserati Granturismo 4.2 (IT)

2019 – Modifica marmitte Maserati Granturismo 4.2 (IT)

2019 – Scarico completo Ferrari 456, Alessandro (Bologna)

2019 – Scarico completo Ferrari 456, Alessandro (Bologna)